Kimchi is a flavorful, fermented Korean condiment that can be enjoyed alone or in a multitude of dishes. Most supermarkets, certainly natural food stores, sell kombu, a nutritious dried seaweed, in the Asian food section. Korean chili can be found in international food markets.

Recipe by Nao Sadewic

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Seasoning Paste
Seasoning Paste
Wilt Cabbage
  1. Dissolve salt in water to make a brine. In a bowl, sprinkle the brine between Napa leaves and knead lightly. Put a weight on top and leave for 3 hours, until napa wilts. (Soaking napa cabbage in brine kills harmful bacteria and wilts it, making it easy to pickle).
  2. Rinse the cabbage well in water and lightly squeeze out the excess water.
Make seasoning paste:
  1. Finely mince or grate apple, garlic and ginger. Put them in a bowl
  2. Add finely cut kombu, Korean chili, salt and mix well.
Prepare Vegetables
  1. Julienne carrot and daikon finely, Chop green onions into ½ inch length. Mix them with the seasoning paste.
  2. Cut the napa cabbage into 1 inch strips. Toss with other ingredients to mix well. Pack into a jar tightly, checking that there are no air bubbles.
  3. Make sure the vegetables are submerged in the juice (use fermenting weight or the stem/core of the cabbage).
  4. Ferment for 24 hours (or longer, to taste) at room temperature, then keep refrigerated.
Recipe Notes


Glass jar with plastic (#2, #4, #5) or stainless steel lid

Place a small plate under jar if you ferment longer than 24 hours, kimchi juice may overflow

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