Hi, I’m Laura!

I became interested in nutrition when I was twelve years old. Unfortunately, it began with noticing the adults around me were dissatisfied with their bodies and were frequently discussing diets. Loving to read, I picked up one of the diet books that was around and was fascinated by it. It was the 90’s and everyone was afraid of fat (remember those days?). I loved learning about fat–its molecular structure, how it worked in our bodies, its effect on health. I also learned about reading nutrition labels. From that point on I wanted to know more. I read all the books I could find on various nutrition topics. I thought I knew a lot, but looking back I can see I didn’t have very balanced eating habits and had a lot to learn. It’s been a long road from then until now. I’ve learned what my body needs to be satisfied and nourished and my kitchen skills have come a long way! Now I know that happy, healthy living isn’t an endpoint, but a delightful journey. Personally and professionally, I love following this path, and I’m always learning more!

In my work as a dietitian, my passion has always been community nutrition. I have volunteered with WIC, created a children’s nutrition program at my local farmers’ market and have presented to my local firefighters. Early in my career, I was given the opportunity to work in an outpatient community clinic-my dream job! I work with people of all ages, seeing patients who have diabetes, who need guidance with weight management, who are pregnant, who have questions about raising healthy families and just about everything else! I am starting a new venture with this blog in an effort to share what I know with an even larger community.

I hope you join me in this life-changing adventure. I look forward to learning and growing together!

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