Packing kids’ lunches is a big job! If you’re really on it, you’re thinking ahead to what you will pack, considering what is nutritious, satisfying and enjoyable for your kids. Then you’ll do the shopping, preparation and packing. It’s an exhausting task and it’s easy to burn out. You may find yourself unprepared, raking the fridge for scraps of food, throwing in less nutritious items just so your kids have something to eat. This is stressful and doesn’t feel good. No worries, this is where I can help! Here you will find thirty healthy lunch ideas, all nutritionally balanced, dietitian-vetted and kid-approved!

Answers to some common questions:

Do I have to pack something different every day?

No! Kids don’t mind repeats, especially if it is something they like. You might consider changing the presentation. For example, if you serve a whole sandwich one day, cut into bite size squares another day.

Do I have to cut the food into cute little shapes?

No! This is definitely an extra step. It’s one to consider if A) You have fun with things like that or B) You have a picky eater who may be enticed to eat if his food looks fun or C) It’s a new food and you want to pique your kid’s interest.

Do I have to do all the work?

No! Get your kids involved! Ask them what they like and don’t like, have them help prepare and pack foods.

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