Welcome to My Family Fork! This is a new blog and I’m a new blogger. I’m looking forward to learning a lot over the next year and I hope you will join me for the ride! Why start a blog? I’m a dietitian and a mom, I love food and I have fun experimenting in the kitchen. I know a lot about food and nutrition and it’s helping me navigate the challenges of raising healthy eaters. I decided to share what I know, and what I learn along the way, with you. If you’re interested in a resource for delicious, nutritious, quick AND easy recipes, that’s what I’m going to put out there. If you want to know what and how to feed your baby, toddler, kid or teen so they grow up with solid healthy eating habits, this is what I love to share. Please, stick with me as I build a blog that will become a resource you can turn to for ideas and support. Food and families, folks—it’s all right here!

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